Enchanted Bookshelf Blog

Greetings and welcome to Enchanted Bookshelf.

There is that moment in each book lovers life that they come to a cross road: they can choose to embrace it and let their nerdiness fly, or they can hide it like cookies on Christmas.

Either way the book lover lives, whether it be deep inside, or on the surface.

As you can tell I chose to embrace it, and joined the fandoms that followed.
I have crossed paths witches, demons, vampires, demigods, elves, dragons, fae and  Shadow Hunters.

I fought Voldemort at Hogwarts then went over to battle against the Snow Queen in Narnia. I have whisked through the skies in Arabian Nights and learnt never to take lollies from strangers, thanks to the Brothers Grimm. I have survived the Hunger Games and stared up in wonder at beauty of the Night Court. I have survived the rise of the Iron Fey and found Jamie in time more than once. Gandalf came to my door and asked if I was ready to go on an adventure so I packed my bags.

I’ve laughed, cried, loved, hated and so much more.
I am a reader, a nerd, an adventurer.

I invite you to come along for the journey.
You’ll find my thoughts, reviews, inspiration, music choices along with my bookstagram account. Leave a comment if you like what you see, and even if you don’t. Any connection to the book community is a welcome one.

Here’s to many more adventures book lovers,
Kimberley Xx



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