The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine

Dear Reader,

This book had me on the edge of my seat and up to 2am the next morning to finish it. It’s well written, captivating and addictive.

The story starts with a focus on Amber who bumps into Daphne Parrish in the gym. Daphne is beautiful, draped in diamonds, has the perfect life and is far too trusting. The perfect candidate for Amber’s next scam.

Amber has lived a troubled life and will fight tooth and nail for the life she thinks she deserves. Cue rich, beautiful, charity focused Daphne.

Amber and Daphne bond over their loss of sisters from cystic fibrosis. Daphne’s trauma runs so deep that she started a charity in her sisters honor that Amber uses as her way into Daphne’s inner circle and ultimately her life. Amber of course, had no sister. A creation to help her live the lie.

It’s not long before Amber is encroaching on family and charity events. With a well played hand Amber manages to wedge herself into Jackson Parrish’s work life. With a hold on both his personal and profession life there, was no way that Amber couldn’t spin this to her advantage. Daphne sat at home with her children while a whirlwind romance took on her “best friend” and he husband.

The lies are well practiced and the drinks are strong.

Jackson Parrish loses a hold on his life when he is backed into a corner by Amber.
You would think it was all over, a loving husband falls for a floozy and makes a mistake that the too trusting Daphne would no doubt overlook.

Daphne’s sweet, charitable charms falls away as she pulls at the threads she has woven together over the past year. A half cocked smile on pretty pink lips reveal that Daphne has the upper hand. She brought a cannon to a knife fight and she will stop at nothing to keep her and her daughter’s safe.

Amber took the life Daphne never wanted, the tears, the betrayal, the abuse. Now the tides have turned and Amber is finding out exactly what it means to be the next Mrs Parrish.

8/10 Overall
10/10 Plot Twist (because cannon to a knife fight)

Have you read it?
What were your thoughts?

Kimberley Xx


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