The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

Evening all,

Have you read The Hating Game because if you haven’t you need to!
I have read it twice in the last two months and am beyond thrilled that it will be a movie starring Lucy Hale. She is perfect for the role of Lucy and cast as her love to hate rival Josh, is Robbie Amell!

Keep reading if you want to know why I love this book so much.

This was a charming read about two colleagues who play games from the moment they met. The game is who can destroy the other one first, the winner will be the last one standing. They are constantly trying to one up each other and enjoy the satisfaction of making the other squirm. When a new position for COO becomes available they are pitted against each other in their biggest game of all. They are both equally qualified for the role and one thing is clear, when the winner is announced, the other has to go.

In an attempt to win the role each one works on a team building exercise to prove they are the better candidate. The one who can unite the two publishing houses that were forced together for survival. This competition throws them closer than ever before and whilst the rules constantly change, is it possible their feelings can too?

One thing leads to another and the rules begin to blur. It’s all part of the game right? Get to know the other so you can exploit their weaknesses. There is a fine line between love and hate, they just need to remember where that line is.

Stars: 4.5
Kimberley Xx


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