Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager

Morning all,

Thriller lovers will enjoy this book. It’s Pretty Little Liars meets Gone Girl. The story has so many twists and turns that I couldn’t put it down.

I must admit I was pulled in by the orange and black cover and orange pages and this book did not disappoint.

The story follows Emma went to summer camp at thirteen and her life was never the same again. Her three room mates went missing without a trace. The girls were never found and the camp closed down as a result. Suspicion followed Emma for years. Was she just lucky or was there something more sinister lurking behind that angelic face?

Fifteen years later Emma is socked that she is invited back to the camp for its grand reopening. The shadows of the past still haunt her and against her better judgement, she accepts and packs her bags.  This is her chance to heal old wounds, set the record straight and to face not only her Demons but herself.

The cabins are the same but there are new editions. Cameras and eyes that follow her as she settles into the camp.  Familiar faces should make her feel better right? Tragedy strikes when history repeats itself and Emma once again finds herself at the centre of suspicion. Now is her chance to set the record straight and to save the young girls before they meet the same fate as her friends.

Unlocking blocked memories an exploring old haunts Emma finds herself in a race against time.

Will she solve the mystery and save the missing girls? Or will she join her friends and become another casualty of the camp?

I really loved this book. I never really settled on if Emma was innocent or guilty so the whole book I was suspicious of her and her version of events. Some things didn’t add up and between the flashbacks and the lies it was hard to see the twists and turns coming.

I rated this 5 Stars because it kept me guessing and I had to finish it within two day.

Kimberley Xx

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