Once upon a shelfie

Hey all,

Lets talk shelfies. Do you love them? Hate them? Indifferent?
I LOVE seeing all the creative ways the Bookstagram community arranges their shelves.
Here are the ways that I tried before I landed on a colour run:
1) Random (this was less than ideal because I couldn’t find a thing)
2) Author (This went great until I had to add new books and had to reconfigure all the time)
3) Height (looks great when others do it…. but I could not make it work)
4) Colour Blocks (again looks great when others do it. But i had too many black books that overran the colours and looked off balance)
5) Publisher (This was a mistake. I don’t wanna talk about it)
6) Random without decor and pops (I know right… What was I thinking)
7) The colour run! (Here we are today! *band plays in background while confetti falls from the sky*)

The thing that I never thought about with the colour run is how hard it is to sort the colours. Are you greenish blue, greenish yellow or greenish black? And the run from white to creme to yellow. Is it brownish yellow or yellow yellow? It was a mess. It took me five days to get it all arranged and even now I am still switching books around.

I have attached a few pics below of what I could find to give you a taste of what it is like.
If you decide to arrange by colour it’s amazing but it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s a beautiful trap.

Kimberley Xx


Pulling everything off and trying to figure out the colours. (Too many hours out of my life over a five day period…. It could have been less but I’ve got to work to pay for my books)

The first colour run that I wasn’t happy with (Three hours later). Stripped it all down to do the next pic.

Hey Colour blocking is a good idea right? Wrong……. Because when you add one book you have to move them ALL (Three hours later). Stripped them down again to redo what I did before. Mistakes were made.

Current state that will not be changing for quite some time.

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