A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

Hey there,

This is one of my favourite books of all time and the TV series adaption is stunning. Nothing is perfect but damn, it’s gotten pretty close. Season two seems so far away but the sneak peaks are AMAZING.

I spent some time thinking about one word to describe this book and I landed on immersive. Not only are the characters well developed but the world Harkness created made me never want to leave.

A Discovery of Withes opens up with Diana Bishop, a thirty something scholar at Oxford who has turned her back on her heritage, witchcraft. Her Parents died and left her in the custody of a caring aunt, Sarah and her enchaining girlfriend, Emily.

Diana had been successful in keeping magic out of her life until a magical manuscript crosses her desk to study. Ashmole 782 tugs apart of Diana that she wished would stay buried. In an effort to avoid temptation she returns the book thinking no more of it.

Diana’s world is turned upside down as creatures begin to show up in high numbers in Oxford. One of which is Matthew Clairmont, a vampire professor who seems to show up whenever he pleases.

The manuscript Diana had tried to ignore turned out to be a lost manuscript that held the meaning of life for witches, vampires and daemons. In an effort to get her life back Diana tries to recall the manuscript, but the library claims it never existed.

Unable to convince the other creatures that she cannot recall it and has no control over her magic, she begins to be the focus of threats and demands.

The relationship between Diana and Matthew begins to develop and his sole focus is no longer on Ashmole 782. In a world where their relationship is forbidden Matthew and Diana rush against time to find the manuscript.

Witches hunt and betray her as she tries to navigate herself in a world she never wanted to belong to. A world that took everything from her.

Friendships are tested, laws are broken, loyalty is a luxury and the past is never what it seems. You’ll find the story of Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont one you won’t want to walk away from.

Welcome to the world of All Souls.

Kimberley Xx


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