A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

Morning readers,

I picked up this book after all the hype and I am glad I did.
After reading the Throne of Glass series I was not sure on Maas, as the books tend to go slowly, which isn’t a bad thing unless you are an impatient person like me.

I must admit it took me three times to get into this book. In true Maas style the book started off slowly and to be honest I was hoping Feyre would die and the “real” MC would come along.

Thankfully the book picked up after Feyre, one of three sisters, kills a wolf in the forest. The wolf was Fae, she knew it as she pulled the bow and let the arrow slice through the air, taking the life of the creature she both feared and hated. Her home sat next to the wall, the only device keeping Fae and humans apart. Occasionally some would cross but they never returned.

After selling the hide at the markets Feyre is force to repay the debt of killing an immortal creature. Lucien collects her and she leaves her world behind as she is taken to the Spring Court and her fate is left to it’s Fae High Lord, Tamlin.

Feyre’s life is spared and she is allowed to live out her life in the safety of the Tamlin’s home. The Fae’s faces are hidden by masks that cannot be removed, they have lived like this for years. Lucien and Feyre begin to bond as they build as much trust as one could in that situation. Tamlin begins to show her more kindness and Feyre lets her guard down. She falls for the High Lord of the Spring Court.

A mysterious figure visits the Spring Court and Feyre must hide. The shadowy figure brings a dire warning. Time is running out. This creature is Rhysand, High Lord of the Night Court. Feyre is told of the curse Amarantha – Queen of Prythian, placed on them all. She rules the Fae by fear and terror from under the mountain. The curse revolves around Tamlin’s refusal to join her. In anger Amarantha suppresses the Fae, taunting them, torturing them, using them as her play things for amusement.

Time has run out and Feyre is in danger. Tamlin as a gift to the human who caught the love of a High Lord, gave her the freedom she craved and sent her home. Condemned to his fate, he joined Amarantha under the mountain.

We would have no story if it ended there. Feyre would not let her friends suffer or die so she made her way past the wall to the mountain.

She is met by a vicious Amarantha with Tamlin by her side, refusing to acknowledge her. Rhysand, Amarantha’s pet, had given up a human body when he was told to hunt her down. The human’s body hung along the wall. She knew her, it was the name she gave Rhysand in the past as her own. This human had paid for Feyre’s lies.

Feyre is given the chance to save her friends by completing three tasks, one each month. Should she be successful, then they all walk free. After the first task Feyre is approached by Rhysand in her cell. He offers to heal her for a price. One week of every month, she must join him in the Night Court. Feyre agrees and is left with a tattoo along her skin to remind her that she is bound to the Night Court.

Feyre heads into the next two challenges with very little odds she will survive.
I’ll leave that here as not to ruin it for you.

Overall it was good. Slow to start with which is why I give it 4 stars. The end felt a tad rushed in comparison to the rest of the book but it was worth the wait.
I would love to know your thoughts on the book.

Kimberley Xx


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