Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Play – Princess Theatre Melbourne, Victoria

Afternoon fabulous book lovers!

It has been a fantastic week. I was able to finally see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts one and Two in Melbourne this week and they were incredible!

I must admit when I read the screen play back when it was released I had mixed feelings. Mostly because I didn’t like how Harry grew up. I also wasn’t a fan of Ginny but that is a whole other issue….. If you haven’t read the screen play then there are spoilers ahead and you should look away now.

I loved seeing how the gang had grown up and while I didn’t 100% agree with J K’s love matches…. I appreciated them in this. Ron and Hermione were how I thought they would grow up. Ron being the fun, chilled out dad and Hermione trying to change the world in her role as Minister for Magic. I was not a fan of their daughter Rose. She was much more pretentious than Hermione and was about as likeable as Cho Chang.

Harry and Ginny were just as insufferable in the play as they were in the book. Props to the actors for what they had to work with. Ginny’s role was literally to scream and make Harry feel better. Harry was more self centred than ever and threw around his role at the Ministry like he was a rock star. He challenged Professor Mcgonagall in ways you would expect from Lucius Malfoy. Threats and disrespect… Take your seat Potter before she takes 50 point from Gryffindor.

Next is Draco Malfoy… What happened to you? They gave you feelings! All these one on one deep and meaningful conversations with Harry seemed odd to me given everything we knew about their history, but hey, it’s J K’s world, I’m just reading in it. In true Malfoy fashion he was the best dressed and most well kept character on stage. His hair was on point.

Now to the main events Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter. Scorpius stole the stage and really kept the evening going. His one liners, mannerisms and energy were amazing and I just wanted to hug the quirky, odd little critter of a human bouncing around on stage. As usual a Potter was wreaking havoc to the world and his bestie had to come in and save the day. It should really be called Harry Potter and his Lineage Ruining the World for the Next Generation or Scorpius; Albus Potter’s One Man Fix It Squad.

For those who aren’t familiar with the plot it follows the next generation at Hogwarts. Being a kid isn’t easy but being a kid of the famous trio is harder. Albus Potter is sorted into Slytherin and befriends Scorpius Malfoy. The main suspect to be the rumoured child of Voldemort himself. Time goes by and Harry is a terrible parent. Alienating his child more and more. In an effort to make things right Albus decides to steal the last time turner at the Ministry and save Cedric Diggory. With the help of his friend Scorpius and love interest Delphini they turn back time to save Cedric. Seems simple? You remember he’s a Potter right?

They ruin things in their own timeline. In an effort to fix it they go back again….. This time it gets even worse and Scorpius finds himself alone in a time where Harry Potter died and Voldemort lived. He invests the help of old favourites and one thing leads to another and the true Voldemort Heir is revealed and they will stop at nothing to keep their father alive. I’ll leave the ending out just in case.

Overall the acting was incredible, props were amazing (stunning, memorising, sometimes terrifying) and you were truly transported out of the Muggle world for a while. This was an excellent extension to the Harry Potter fandom and I would honestly love a series about Scorpius and Albus because let’s face it, they make terrible decisions and Hogwarts needs that to keep things fresh. Where or not you count Cursed child as Cannon or not it’s worthwhile to see. I think you’ll enjoy it more than you thing you would.

I would highly recommend seeing the show while it’s in town.
It’s a true delight for Harry Potter fans who are searching for that magical fix in a muggle world.

Kimberley Xx

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