Do I need lots of props to Bookstagram?

Hey all,
I was part of a recent discussion on a FB group about Bookstagram props and how to know if they are good enough. I am not an expert but I have posted my experience below.

Firstly – There is no right or wrong way to Bookstagram. If you take a picture of something that makes you happy then you are doing it right.
Secondly – Props are not mandatory. If you have a few that’s great, if you have heaps that’s cool, if you have none then there is nothing wrong with that. Some of my favourite accounts are just the books and a scenic background.
Thirdly – Don’t judge yourself against what else is out there. Everyone has different circumstances and budgets. There is absolutely no room on Bookstagram for shamers. If anyone gives you grief let me know. The fantastic thing about the Bookstagram community is how close and supportive we are. Everyone knows someone.

When I started out my account I was living at home with mum and dad with a single bookshelf and some cubing. I didn’t have many props, many books or much space to play with. But that didn’t stop me from having a go and meeting a few great people along the way. The first post was the most terrifying because I knew I wanted to connect with fellow book lovers and was intimidated by the beautiful amazing accounts out there, but what if they didn’t like me or what I had to offer?

In hindsight it was so silly because as I said before, the community is so welcoming and supportive. I posted reviews, my bookshelf and books I was reading. I slowly found my feet and introduced props of what I could find around the house. It ranged from ribbons, cups, candles, pops, bookmarks, flowers from the garden, sheets, anything I could get my hands on really. The point I am trying to make is play with what you have around. You don’t need to buy all the latest books, a billion flowers, crystals, mugs, pops etc.

Even now my pictures are really quite basic compared to the other amazing accounts out there. I have flowers, pops and candles mostly. I love the way they look together and sometime I dabble with more elaborate set ups but I’m still finding my feet there too.

Even now I am still learning and happy for it. So many accounts inspire me and there are so many new accounts that blow me away. You will find your page evolve over time and that is great too but the thing to remember is do it for you. Post pictures you like and enjoy taking. Add props from around the house or buy the things that make you happy.  Add none, add a few or add all the things! There is no right or wrong way.

People want to connect about books – the pictures are just the way to put yourself out there. I’ve added a few pics below of how much my style has changed even though I haven’t spent crazy amounts on props.

Kimberley Xx

One thought on “Do I need lots of props to Bookstagram?

  1. Great post and beautiful photos!
    I loved Bookstagram, but ended up taking a step back for the sake of my mental health. There always seemed to be drama and it was exhausting to constantly see that being posted. I hope to get back into it one day!


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