Her magical photos are so much fun! Here is a Q&A with Bibliophilemom

Hey guys,
Ever since I started my blog I have been wanting to find a way to celebrate all the accounts that inspire me so that is how my Q&A/Interview page was born. This month we have the fabulous  Janna aka @bibliophilemom to join us for a Q&A.

I think I have been following Janna for as long as I have been bookstagramming and her pics are amazing. It wasn’t until we were both chosen as Reps for Razzmatazz that I really got to know her and I’m so glad I did. She’s funny, down to earth, a candle lover, has a similar taste in books as me and is just a genuinely good person. 

I hope you guys enjoy getting to know here a bit better and don’t forget to follow her if you aren’t already. She currently has a 15k Giveaway going on so you don’t want to miss that. 

So who is @bibliophilemom?

Hi I’m Janna.
A Filipina nurse, wife, and mom based in Australia. I am a Potterhead and fantasy fiction lover. A bit of cheesy contemporary romance will also be fun to read every now and then. I started my bookstagram account on 2015 and was on hiatus for a while. I am now back on track and ready to meet new book lovers once again.

1.How did you create your bookstagram handle?
I just simply combined being a bibliophile with me being a mom.

2. If you could live in any book world, where would you go?
The Wizarding World and I’ll be sorted under Ravenclaw once enrolled in Hogwarts.

3. Do you have a favourite fairytale? Why?
Beauty and the Beast. I like Belle’s love for books and it is one of the first three books my mom bought me when I was a kid.

4. Are there any books you haven’t been able to finish? Why not?
I rarely DNF a book. I don’t know what was with Ninth House by L.Bardugo but I just couldn’t get into it. Stopped on page 100.

5. What your most recent Bookstagram made me do it purchase?
The Minalima edition of fairy tales and no regrets about it.

6. Do you prefer love triangles or enemies to lovers?
Enemies to lovers please! Love triangles are so frustrating but once in a while won’t hurt.

7. Has a book ever made you cry?
Made me sad and emotional but not actually cry.

8. What book would you like to see reach Classic status?
Any Mitch Albom book maybe? Tuesdays with Morrie or The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

9. What was your most recent 5 Star read?
Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare, Crescent City by Sarah J. Maas, and Renegades by Marissa Meyer

10. What’s some bookstagram tips you can offer to new bookstagrammers?
Post consistently 
Be honest and not too good to be true with reviews
Have a specific theme or filter for photos
Have FUN  – Xoxo, Janna

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about one of my favorite bookstagrammers. 
Kimberley Xx

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