The Iron King by Julie Kagawa- Chapters 1-6

Hey bookdragons,

How are you finding The Iron King by Julie Kagawa so far?
I had to stop myself reading chapter 7 because in the end of chapter 6 we are introduced to a mysterious new character. To stop myself from continuing on I have placed bookmark at each of the reading blocks – hopefully it works for the next block.

I have put some of my thoughts below  (I will discuss these in the group chat too). 

Let’s meet our characters so far. 
Meghan Chase -She has blonde hair, blue eyes and is about to celebrate her sixteenth birthday. 
Dream cast: Taylor Swift (Fearless days)
Ethan Chase – Meghan’s younger half brother. He’s four years old with dark hair and blue eyes.
Dream cast: A young Jared S. Gilmore 
Robbie/Puck – Megan’s trickster best friend. He has red hair and green eyes. 
Dream cast: KJ Appa

The plot so far.
We are welcomed into the book with some information about Meghan’s father – or lack there of. They went to the park one day when she was six only for him to never came home.

Fast forward to now and Meghan is almost sixteen. She’s about to head off to school when her little brother Ethan tells her about the monsters in his room. Meghan investigates but ax expected, comes up empty handed. She assures him that there is nothing to be afraid of but the four year old Ethan is skeptical.

Next we meet red headed, funny bff Robbie at the bus stop. We get some cute banter which sets the scene for their friendship. During a tutoring session after school the computer seems to take on a life of its own making fun of the jock Megan is meant to help. She can’t stop or explain it and he blames her for it. He promises vengeance.

Megan’s birthday arrives with their bus ride to school putting Robbie on edge. A figure appears off in the distance on horseback. Robbie just mutters the word Ash under his breath and refuses to elaborate any further.

During school the cafeteria sounds with a wave of phone alerts. A questionable photo shopped picture of Meghan begins to circulate and she knows exactly who it came from. She wants the world to swallow her whole so she flees to the nurse’s office for sanctuary. She falls asleep and between naps she hears conversations between Robbie and the Nurse including the phrases she’s her father’s daughter after all and not to get vengeance.

Robbie wakes her up and helps her home. Before they get off school property one of Meghan’s bullies starts to chastise her then a moment later sounds like a pig. Robbie with his arm around Meghan, refuses to let her turn around to look.

Meghan an arrives home to find her mother on the floor bleeding, with Ethan nearby smiling at her. He claims she slipped and fell. She is taken to the hospital by her step father and Meghan is left alone with Ethan. He’s acting out of sorts and bites Meghan like a wild animal.

Robbie arrives just in time to help and and reveals the truth about why her brother is acting so strange. He’s a channeling. Her human brother had been taken and a faerie child was left in his place. He also reveals his true identity, that he is Robin Goodfellow, or Puck, from A Mid Summer Night’s Dream. The hilarious Faery trickster of Oberon’s Court. The world spins out while Meghan comes to terms with this information.

She has two options. Regularly feed the channeling and act as though it’s normal or venture to another realm, Faeryland, to save her brother. She doesn’t need another moment and packs her bag. Puck offers to take her to find him and they go through a door in Ethan’s closet, the same closet Ethan was fearful of. He was right, monsters did live there.

Puck and Meghan arrive in the Nevernever on neutral territory and begin their journey. Puck tells Meghan that he has heard rumours of the Nevernever dying, something that shouldn’t ever happen. They find shelter in a tree and Meghan is woken by dreams of Ethan. She is then drawn into a river and almost drowned by a selkie. They continue their journey in Nevernever only to stumble across a wild hunt.

Puck transforms into a horse and gallops them towards safety. After continuous running Puck makes the choice to send Meghan up a tree and to lead the hunt to him alone. At the end of chapter 6 we are greeted by the phrase “Well… That was interesting.” Meghan’s not alone.

What I loved.
I enjoyed Meghan and Puck’s friendship although there are moments that hint he wants more. It’ll be interesting to see how things unfold for Meghan since she has no idea what to expect from this realm.

What I didn’t.
There weren’t really any issues I had with this except having to stop just as we meet a new character.

Quotes I loved.
It tasted of nothing and everything. It tasted of twilight and mist, moonlight and frost, emptiness and longing.

You’re thinking of Tinkerbell which is the typical human response to the word Faery.

A hunt… You know I was just thinking that we needed to be run down like rabbits and torn apart. My day just isn’t complete without something trying to kill me.

I guess that sacrifice of my dignity is the only thing that will save us now. The things I endure for love. The fates laugh at my torment.

My mini playlist of songs for chapters 1-6.
Fifteen – Taylor Swift (Meghan) 
Bad blood – Taylor Swift (Meghan after the picture) 
Mean – Taylor Swift  (Meghan leaving school with Robbie)
Stronger – Kelly Clarkson 
Walk me home – P!nk (Robbie taking Meghan home)
Right here – Ashes remain (Puck)
Memories – Within Temptation (Meghan for Ethan)
Flares – The Script (Meghan for Ethan)
Rescue – Lauren Diagle (Megan for Ethan)  
Just like fire – P!nk (Puck) 
Don’t think just run – Beth Crowley (in the Nevernever)
Wonderland – Taylor Swift (in the Nevernever)
Head above water – Avril Lavigne(with the selkie in the Nevernever)
You never know – Anthem Academy    
I just wanna run – The Downtown Faction (end of chapter 6)

I have included some pics below that have been shared on insta so far.
Credits to (why not give these great accounts a follow while you are here):
Immi at immisbookcase
Rachael at reading.rach
Madi at readingmadly
Kasmin at queen_of_books_and_sleep
Caroline at carolinemasci_reviews
Molley at world.of.fiction.fantasy

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and I can’t wait to discuss the book so far in our group chat tomorrow. If you aren’t already added please send me a message and I’ll add you in.

Kimberley Xx

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