The Iron King by Julie Kagawa – Chapters 7-13

Hey book dragons,

I hope your weekend is going well. We just finished part two of our The Iron King read along by Julie Kagawa and I’m really loving where the story is taking us. Here’s a quick recap of the adventure so far between chapter 7-13.

We came back to Meghan up a tree with the voice of a stranger behind her. This is where we meet one of my favourite characters so far, the disappearing Cat Sith, Grimalkin. Also known as Devil’s Cat. Grim makes a deal with Meghan to take her to Puck so she can continue her mission to rescue her brother.

Not long into their journey Meghan is captured by Goblins and our sassy new friend is nowhere to be seen. They take her back to their cave and plan how best to eat her. Grim shows up and starts to bite through her binds while Megan detracts the simple creatures. Convinced that she will taste better being eaten with a concoction of spring water from a waterfall, acorns from the tallest tree, blue mushrooms and pixie dust, the Goblins venture out to secure the ingredients. Taking advantage of their window Grim gnaws through the last of Megan’s bindings and they flee.

The Goblins hunt them to a river but they refuse to step into the water. As Meghan swims to the other side Goblin spears rain down on her, piercing her skin. She ignores the pain and reaches the other side. Grim takes the lead as the world starts to fall away from Meghan. The tips of the spears were poisoned and Megan doesn’t have much time, the poison will kill her. Grim promises help and a streak of moonlight forms before them taking the shape of an elderly glowing fey. He speaks of her arrival and the final questions, what path she will take and how will she choose to rule. Confused and exhausted, Meghan falls asleep.

Megan wakes feeling better and sees a bizarre creature with glowing eyes watching her through the forest. It smiles with it’s shiny fangs and a breath of blue fore, then disappears. Grim takes Meghan toward Arcadia, the home of the Summer Court, Puck’s home. Before they reach Arcadia they are approached by elvish looking fey of horseback. They bring a message, King Oberon has sent for them.

Once in the Summer Court they are greeted by King Oberon and his Court. Grim true to his word brought her to Puck, he was now in the form of a raven, caged next to Oberon’s throne. Puck was trusted to protect and guard a Princess, Oberon’s daughter to a Mortal and he had failed. It was Puck’s job to keep Meghan away from this world, shielded from their ways and their kind. He would be a raven for as long as Oberon saw fit. To make mattes worse Oberon didn’t have Ethan and Meghan can never leave the Summer Court. Frustrated and angry Meghan was taken to her rooms, not before Grim cashed in Meghan’s deal and transferred it to her father. Having a King owe you a favour was a powerful thing according to the cat sith.

Both a Princess and a prisoner, she searches fir the King to make a deal only to be met by the vicious Queen Titania. She is just as thrilled as Meghan to have her within her walls. A walking talking reminder of the Kings wandering eye. Titania threatens death if Megan steps out of line and starts to turn her into a mule to teach her a lesson. Oberon arrives in time to stop the transformation and Meghan is sent to work in the kitchens.

The Court prepares for Elysium, a party between the Summer and Winter Courts. The night arrives and Megan, dressed to the nines, watching as the Winter Court arrives. The Stunning Queen Mab with her the sons, one of which is the Fey who hunted her in the forest. Prince Ash’s eyes fall to her and he remembers her too. They get a moment alone where he admits that had he had the shot, he would have killed her. He didn’t know who he was hunting, but she has made a boring party far more interesting.

The Prince and Princess of opposite Courts must share a dance to represent peace among the Courts. Sparks fly as they glide across the dance floor only to be interrupted by a Chimera. A fearsome creature with three heads on the body of a lion. It had a dead Fey in its jaws. The Courts fight to bring it down. The Chimera aims for Meghan but Ash saves her life, a stark contrast from his previous statements. After the best is beaten the Courts fight among themselves over who is to blame with the threat of war hanging in the balance. Grim points out that now would be a good time to disappear. The commotion was a great cover as they fled the Sumner Court. Their next target was the Winter Kingdom, to look for Ethan. But the only way to get there quickly was to travel to the moral realm then through another door.

Trusting Grim Megan follows him, in a hope to find her brother. The chapter leaves us with Grim teaching Meghan how to use her Fey heritage to tap into magic aka glamour.

New characters:
Grimalkin aka Grim: the disappearing Cat Sith, also known as Devil’s Cat. Dream Cast a grey Colin (Yep I want to see my cat in a book even though he looks nothing like Grim’s description). Grim is a grey cat with golden yellow eyes who nails the art of sass and sarcasm.

King Oberon of the Summer Court: Meghan’s biological father who hid her away in the mortal realm. A tall, slender, older Fey king with long silver hair and Green eyes. Dream cast: A slightly older Thranduil from the Hobbit – Portrayed by Lee Pace

Queen Titania of the Summer Court: A tall, very thin Fey Queen with hair of gold and glittering blue eyes. Dressed to impress and her biggest problem is Meghan’s existence. Dream cast: Julia Roberts or Michelle Pfeiffer (as seen in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil with Gold hair)

Queen Mab of the Winter Court: Black eyes and blue/black hair teamed with power. She demands the attention of the room. Slender build dressed in figure hugging gown. Dream cast: Natalie Dormer

Prince Ash of the Winter Court: Identified as the figure on horseback in the mortal realm and the hunter chasing her and Puck in the forest. Strikingly handsome with pale skin, silver eyes and black hair. Dream cast: Ian Somerholder or  Torrence Coombs

Things I loved: Meeting Grim and Ash. The relationships between the Courts was quite interesting too. I kind of  hated to love Titania and her reaction to Meghan, its horrid for sure but probably an honest reaction to seeing the child of your husband and someone else. A bit over dramatic but shes a Faerie Queen after all. I like how Puck’s Princess nickname tied into the story  

Things I didn’t: Meghan got on my nerves a few times by being silly. Deliberately annoying Titania for one and looking down to Grim in the Goblin cage. I get she’s 16 but come on, don’t draw unnecessary attention. 

Favorite Quotes:
“Blackmail” said Grimalkin… “Is such a barbaric word… Everything here has a price. Ask your Puck”.

In walked the kind of woman who made ladies weep in envy and men launch wars.

Hey eyes were of the void, of a night without stars, a sharp contrast to her marble skin and pale mulberry lips.

Ash hadn’t forgotten me, not by a long shot.

So this is Oberon’s famous half-blood… And to think… I lost you that day in the forest and I didn’t even know what I was chasing. 

Technically I was trying to kill Puck. You just happened to be there.

Careful human.. Do not lose your heart to a faery prince. It never ends well. 

Chapter 7-13 playlist:
Eyes wide open by Beth Crowley
Wild Things by Alessia Cara 
Fight Song by Rachel Platten 
Royals by Lorde 
Everybody wants to rule the world by Lorde 
Wolves by Selena Gomez 
Mercy by Shawn Mendes
On your side by the Veronicas 
Rise by Katy Perry
Never give up by  Dustin O’Halloran and Hauschka

Here are a few snaps for this chapter block from the read along group.

Happy reading xx

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