The Iron King by Julie Kagawa – Chapters 14 – 20

Hey book dragons,

We are up to the third instalment of our real along an oh my goodness these six chapters were a wild ride. It took me a lot to stop – it’s like a mini cliff hanger.

Let me dive into my recap.
We are left in Chapter 13 with Grim trying to teach Meghan how to use glamour so they can get into a club. After he is bitterly disappointed they wait in line like humans for an hour. Grim gets them in and they look for Shard, the “owner” of the trod to the Winter Court. She will only let them use it if Meghan gives her a name, Meghan know far to well from Grim not to make deals with Fey so she takes advantage of Shard’s excitement and loophole and gives Fred Flinstone. As this was within furious Shard’s request she takes them to the trod.

Grim notices a glint in Shards eye and stops Megan from going any further. A troll guards the trod in the shadows and Meghan would have walked to her death. Shard calls in the Red caps to dispose of Meghan and Grim. With no way out they prepare for the worst. A flock of ravens fill the room and Robin Goodfellow arrives just in time. No longer bound as a raven and caged by Oberon. He uses the troll to take our the red caps one by one as Shard attacks Meghan. Grim protects her and Megan rips the trolls key from Shards neck. The troll, thankful for the offer of freedom turns on Shard giving the trio time to escape through the trod to the Winter Court.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire as Ash, the Winter Prince is waiting for them. Puck and Ash banter then begin to fight. It’s clear there is a history and they have sworn to kill one another. While the fey  pettily fight Meghan is taken and carried away by tine creatures. Ash and Puck don’t hear her calls and she’s taken further down the tunnels. She is met with a fearsome sight. A metal creature called Iron Horse demands to know if she is Meghan Chase, daughter of the Summer King.  Terrified of this metal horse made of cogs, steam and fire she tells him her name. He has been sent to bring her to Machina, the Iron King. Confused she refuses to go only to find out that it is the Iron King that has her brother, not Mab. The Iron King leads they Iron Fey, a species she has never heard of. They will be the end of the courts and the Never Never. In this moment a spear of ice strikes the horse in the chest. Puck’s banter breaks through the screams and a Meghan is pulled away by Ash. The run and are cased by the horse and the tiny Iron Fey that took Megan. Puck joins they see the end of the tunnel and Ash falls back to give them time. He fight them and Grim tells them to bring down the tunnel. Ash escapes just in time as the ice caves in to block the way.

The Winter Prince is hurt and Puck is happy to leave him slumped alone in the ice. Megan isn’t and approaches him to help. Ash’s job is to take Meghan to Mab, that’s why he waited for them at the trod. He will not let her go and will honour his Queen’s request. Meghan makes him a deal, help her get her brother from the Iron King and she will go with him willingly to his Queen. He agrees and they seek shelter in a hidden cabin to rest and regroup.

Sparks fly between Ash and Meghan in the cabin and the make their way to The Oracle in New Orleans to get answers about the Iron King. The Oracle gives them nothing but riddles. They decipher that they need to get to the forest for their next lot of answers. On their way they are attacked by Virus, the Iron Kings second lieutenant. With her are a mob of humans, all controlled by small iron fey bugs, the same thing that made the Chimera attack in the Summer Court. The humans have no willpower of their own and attack Ash, Meghan, Puck and Grim. Puck is shot in the pursuit and the folk in the forest promise to heal him but it will take time. They also give Meghan the weapon that will kill the Iron King. She nominated Ash to deliver the killing blow as she is not skilled in battle.

Ash and Meghan continue on without Puck and make their way into the Iron Court. They grow closer and are faced with fighting a dragon made of iron. Ash saves Megan and kisses her once the battle is over. He tells her that the courts will kill them if they find out.

New Characters:
Iron Horse: The Iron King’s Lieutenant.  He’s a huge horse made of black iron. He has gaps in his metal plates where you can see the fire blazing within him. He breathes steam and fire and has glowing red eyes.

Things I loved:
I loved how the story progresses at a good pace. We experienced a lot in these 6 chapters but it didn’t feel rushed or overdone. Puck is one of my favourite characters so I love when he came back into the story and saved the day in the club. A also really love that Ash is playing a bigger part. While he can be a jerk sometimes I like how the relationship with Meghan is developing.

Things I didn’t:
I love puck and he was taken out of the story again! after being shot. That was a tad disappointing but I think it as needed to see how Meghan and Ash go together. Grim played a lesser part and he’s one of my favourites too but we didn’t see much of him. There was also the moment when Puck found out about Meghan’s deal with Ash. He was so broken and hurt that she didn’t trust him enough to help her save Ethan.

Favourite Quotes:
I resisted the urge to drop-kick him over the fence like a football.

“Hey princess. Sorry I’m late. Traffic was a bitch.”

“Charming… I love the barren, dead feel they are going for. Who’s the gardener I wonder. I would love some tips.”

A fuzzy, grey shape bounded toward us, tail held high. “Idiot. I told you not to fight the horse thing”.

“Fine princess. I’ll help the son of Mab, eternal enemy of our court.”

“So do we have a deal?”…”No we have a contract.”

“Combat doesn’t have to be with swords. Emotions can be deadly weapons.”

“Me stealing? In the house of my ancient enemy? What gave you that idea?”

“Is this where you say you’ll kill me?”…”If you like. Though it’s gotten far too interesting for that.”

“He’s survived far worse than being frozen solid. Unfortunately.”

“What if these things are born of different dreams? Dreams of technology and science? Dreams of science?… What if the world wide web gave birth to a whole different species?”

Chapters 14-20 Playlist:
Dark Horse by Katy Perry 
Soldier by Samantha Jade 
Lose my mind by Dean Lewis 
Surrender by Cash Cash
Armour by Landon Austin
If you met me first by Eric Ethridge
To the end by The Playground
My escape by Ravens Code
I found by Amber Run
A storm is coming by Tommee Ptofitt
Make Believe by The Faim 
Breathe me by Sia
Demons by Imagine Dragons

I am really looking forward to the lat five chapters. There is a lot that needs to happen and I feel like five chapters isn’t enough.
Kimberley xx

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