What Is It Like Being A Rep For A Company?

Hey book lovers,

I get a few DM’s asking about how to become and rep for a company and what it’s like.
Firstly everyone’s experiences are different and my journey won’t be the same as yours. It’s like how we all take pics of books but our pages are vastly different. Companies grow and evolve over time too so some of the perks, products and rep requirements will be different even from rep term to rep term. Just because someone gets something, doesn’t mean you will too.

One thing I think I should highlight before we go further sis that you should only be applying for companies you are generally interested in. It’s not about getting free stuff. These companies are choosing to work with you to grow their business, that’s the end game. It’s a business partnership and you should give more than you take. Often the companies will work with your group of reps to discuss products ideas, sales, box ideas, release timelines and more. So let’s have a chat about what I’ve found along the way and answer the frequently asked questions.

How do I become a rep?
Companies, more often than not, will run rep searches. Rep terms will vary from monthly to quarterly and beyond that. Some companies will onboard permanent reps too – there are people who have proven themselves to be a great asset to the business and will continue to work for them indefinitely.
When it comes to doing your slideshow or collage try to pick pictures that highlight what the company is selling. If they are a candle company try to choose pics you’ve posted with candles in there, or better yet as the focus. If they sell bookmarks then use pics that feature bookmarks. This will help the owner figure out if you are a good fit for what they are looking for. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any of their products yet although if you do try to feature them. These pics are essentially your resume because they may not look at your whole profile when picking reps due to the volume of applications they receive, so try to put your best foot forward.
You usually have to add a pitch as to why you want to be a rep. There is no right or wrong way to do this as long as you are being honest. Tell them what makes you unique and why you would be a good fit for them.

How many followers do I need before I can be picked as a rep?
Engagement rate speaks volumes and there is no follower requirement.
Sure some of the bigger accounts seem like they have a better shot but if they aren’t engaging with their followers then the game is wide open. It’s always quality over quantity.

A company offered for me to be an influence instead. Whats the difference?
The main difference is that reps get gifted products to feature and review and influences get a discount code to purchase and feature the items themselves. Both influences and reps get a discount code to feature on their Bio for their followers.
The job is pretty much the same, you are expected to take pictures to feature products and to share shop sales/info in your stories. Sometimes reps are required to post once or twice a week where influences have a bit more freedom with once a week or as often as you want to. Be sure to read the terms of what they want you to do to make sure you can commit to that.

If I buy more as an influencer/follower will I get a rep position next time?
This is a business decision so I can’t say yes or no. I imagine it can’t hurt owning their products but I personally believe that you should’t have to buy your way into a position.
Some companies use the method of you can’t be a rep without being an influencer first and that is totally up to them. It’s their business and a good business model. You want people on your team who love your stuff and champion your business. So if you see a rep/influencer search for a company you love then apply. Just know your limits and don’t go into debt trying to buy your way to a rep spot.

Why am I not being picked? I see the same people being picked all the time.
This is a hard one because there is nothing wrong with your rep application. The owners make their decisions on a variety of reasons and occasionally you will see the same people repping multiple companies. This is often because they fit the brand of the company and know how to show off the products the company is looking to sell. There is no fail safe method to nab a rep position. Some rep searches get hundreds and hundreds of applications and it’s just not feasible to have everyone repping for them. This is why it’s so important to choose your best pics and to write a good application. I have only been picked for maybe a third of what I have applied for in the past.

Do you like repping?
I really do. I only apply for rep searches I am genuinely interested in. Companies that have a good reputation, great products and engage with their followers. Business owners often have their personal bookstagram linked to their company page so I like to check them out too to make sure we would be a good fit. I love working with owners and rep groups about new products. Picking colours, fragrances and the extra details. Some products are harder to take pictures of than others but I love a challenge.

Have you had any bad experiences?
Much like life I’ve had a mix of experiences. Some companies I’ve loved and others were not the right for for me, or me for them. I think the hardest thing was the influencer roles. You got a discount on the box but shipping was still full price so I was still spending $75+ on a box. Which gets pricey when they want you to buy them all and it was too awkward to say no… That was more on me though than them – I didn’t fully understand the role, the expectations/requirements and the costs involved.

What do you enjoy most?
I touched on this before but working with the company and the rep team on new products. I am super excited about some upcoming Magic Scentsations releases. It’s really cool to bounce off ideas with the team and see a product come to life. The product I am most excited about to date was The Suriel candle that I developed with Nikki at Magic Scentsations. We brainstormed fragrances, colours, wax details, charms and it was really cool to hold the final product in my hand. The Suriel gets no merch so it was nice to be part of the process to get our our sassy gossip of the forest some love. I love taking pics of the products too and trying new things, although sometimes they don’t go to plan. My latest struggle is scrunchies, staging them is harder than I thought it would be. My elaborate plans are rarely executed well.

I’m never picked – should I take the hint?
Don’t be too hard on yourself and try not to compare yourself to others. It’s disappointing not to be picked – I’ve been there – but it doesn’t mean you aren’t as good as the other applicants. It just means that this time there were other more suited for the role and company. It sounds like a party line but it’s true. Just because you aren’t picked this times doesn’t mean you won’t be picked next time. Keep working on your content, engagement and the right opportunities will find you.

Top three tips?
1. Have clear photos for your application and tailor them to the company you are applying for. You can take new pics too if you want to show off your skills.
2. Be honest and yourself. You’ll find your tribe.
3. Research the company and their current reps for inspiration and to see what they are looking for. Know what sort of products they sell and how you can work them into your style.

Thanks for reading and I hope it was helpful to someone out there.
Kimberley xx

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