Bookish Business Feature: Razzmatazz Candles

Hello lovely readers,

Welcome to my first Bookish Business Feature and it’s with the fabulous Razzmatazz Candles, an awesome Aussie based bookish candle company.

I had the pleasure of repping for Rowie last year and I had an absolute blast. Not only were the candles amazing but she really wanted to work with us to develop new products, which is always super fun. She always went the extra mile and constantly donates portions of her candle sales to charity. She is always bring out new candles for our favourite books and have I mentioned the glitter yet? These candles have so much amazing glitter. So if you are looking for great candles to burn or some spectacular bookstagram props, Razzmatazz is for you.

So here is a little Q&A with Rowie from Razzmatazz. Please give them a follow on bookstagram to keep up with all the awesome products coming our way.

How did you chose your business name?
I actually couldn’t decide on one but love the colour pink. I literally googled shades of pink and as soon as I saw Razzmatazz I knew!!

How would you describe your business in one sentence?
Razz Candles bringing fantastic books to light!

How did your business come to be? Why candles?
I’ve been making stickers for my bookish daughter for a while. She couldn’t find candles or merch for some fandoms that she loved so we started making them ourselves.

What was the first candle you made and what was it inspired by?
The first candle was from a middle grade series called Keeper of the Lost Cities for my daughter.

Do you have a favourite product and why?
My favourite products are generally those inspired by books I’ve enjoyed more. No standout favourites other than Manon who’s character I loved. I really don’t like putting a candle out there that I wouldn’t have myself.

How do you decide on what candles to make? Do you get recommendations or take inspiration from books you are currently reading?
It’s mostly books that I’ve read or are reading. I’m always open to recommendations but usually read the books first before attempting a candle.

How do you decide how long to stock a candle for?
It’s generally based on popularity and what’s coming up.

What are your top five favourite candles?
This changes every month. If I’m not passionate about a candle it’s likely you’ll never see it.

What have been your all time best sellers?
That’s a tricky question because of the amount of candles we have and how often we turn them over. We have over 200 candles rotating through the website and they change every month.

What are you most proud of?
Others. I am inspired by the people I’ve met in my life who have overcome extraordinary obstacles to achieve dreams or attain goals.
For myself I’ll hustle humbly.

Have you ever tried something crazy that hasn’t worked out?
Yes! I did this very spectacular birthday cake candle. It was double wicked, had colourful sprinkles all through it and the most gorgeous glossy pink top. The only issues was when you burnt it the colours melted and mixed together and it become an awful mud brown.

What is your favorite fandom to make candles for?
The candles I actually enjoy making the most is not a fandom but the genre range. In creating them I’m not limited by fan art, descriptions or perceptions and it’s so much fun.

Is there a fandom you will never make merch for?
Yes. My favourite book series. My love is so deep I don’t think I could ever do them justice!

I see you run rep searches. Do you have any tips for those who want to rep for you?
Representing a small business requires an alignment of values, branding and purpose. It’s a tricky balance. At this stage any changes to the Razz Rep team will be via mutual agreement within that team. It has built a cohesive and effective support base for the business integrity as a whole. Constant changeover within business does not always build strong foundations it becomes more about followers. This is only my opinion as it applies to Razz.I do run influencer searches ever four months. I look for engagement, values and history. It also doesn’t hurt if you come recommended!

What is your favourite thing about the Bookstagram community?
The abundance of different personalities and people with a common love for books! I have loved meeting people, making friends and discussing books!

Thanks so much Rowie for sharing with us. If you wanted to get yourself some Razz goodies you can use my friend BlueFairyTales’ rep code Blue10 to save at the checkout. I highly recommend anything in the Maas collection, they are amazing.

Kimberley xx

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