Charmed Again – From screen to page and back again

Hey book lovers,

If you are a Charmed lover then the phrase Charmed Again will strike a chord with you. We’ve been lucky to have the TV Show, novels, comic books and now a reboot. Some are better than others and here I’ll be comparing the adaptions and rating them from my favourites to why did they bother.

Topping the list is where it all began – Charmed.
Shannon Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano first graced our screens as the Charmed Ones on October 7 1998 as Prue, Piper and Phoebe. Three sisters, armed with telekinesis, premonitions, molecular immobilisation and the Power of Three, discover their destiny to fight evil and protect innocents.

The cast were a great fit and the storyline’s moved along really well. From discovering their powers and rebuilding their sisterly bond to fighting ex husbands and the Source of all Evil (a few times). The show managed to not only replace a main cast member, Shannon’s Prue with Rose McGowan’s Paige, but it kept going from strength to strength.
The plots were mixed between their family life, professional, love lives and how that blended with their destiny and the Grand Design.
While season 8 was a bit of a miss overall the I give the Charmed show 9.5/10. IMDB gave them a 7.1/10.

Second on the list is the Charmed Novellas.
These tie in novels came in forty one volumes and each book tied into a particular season. Some could be read on their own while others tied into the overarching plot of that season.
These were fantastic because they were nice quick reads and served as mini episodes.
They are harder to find these days but eBay seems to be your best bet if you want to get a Charmed fix.
My favourite titles are Whispers from the Past, Garden of Evil, Truth and Consequences, As Puck Would Have It and Trickery Treat.
These were wonderful and I give them a 8/10. There weren’t as many books about Piper and she’s my favourite.

Third on the list is the Charmed Comic books.
These picked up where the TV show ended. These comics by Zenescope serves as Season 9 and Season 10.
It took me some time to get used to the art style as some frames looked like the Charmed ones and others looked… Well lets just say nothing like them.
The storyline was interesting enough to to keep me reading but I wasn’t as invested as the show or the books. They brought back Prue and Cole and while I really loved seeing Cole again, I think they really missed the mark on utilising his character. It was nice to see the Charmed Ones with their kids and families but some of the magic was lost from screen to page.
Overall 6.5/10.

Last on the list and by far my least favourite is the Charmed Reboot.
I must admit my love for the original has a lot to do with my dislike for this version.
While it was a great idea to bring Charmed back it really should have been Charmed Next Generation, focusing on Wyatt, Chris and their cousins.

The reboot seemed to take the name and the concept of three sister witches and that was kind of it. Melanie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock and Sarah Jeffery lead the show as Mel Vera, Macy Vaughn and Maggie Vera.

It had a Vampire Diaries kind of feel to it and the writers didn’t really seem to know where to take it in Season One. They changed a lot, which was to be expected, (whitelighers go zip and pop now) but while they were trying to be hip and feministic they just regurgitated old Charmed plots and made them far worse.

We’ve been around the merry go round where one falls for a demon, one falls for a white lighter, one is a half sister (this time half demon) and they have a dad who abandoned them. The face off between good and evil was always going to be the same but in their attempt to make Charmed relevant to a new generation, all they did was annoy the old fans and butcher a legacy. Overall I rated this 2/10. IMDB rated this 4.6/10

Bonus: If you are a Charmed fan and a replica Book of Shadows I picked up one online that is pretty good.
Here is a little flip through and here is the link to it if you want to grab one for yourself.

We’ve been lucky enough to have a few adaptations of a great story. Some were fantastic and others burnt down in flames but it’s nice to know the world still needs a Charmed fix. Maybe we will get the reboot we deserve with the original cast making cameos.

What are your thoughts?
Kimberley Xx

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